FAQ / Glossary:


1. Why do you need an invite?

Invites need to be able to register on sites or trackers, where registration is possible only if an invite. In most cases - invites to the trackers are issued in the form of a code or a link that comes to the specified email.

2. What is special about the closed trackers?

In the first place, the closed trackers primary sources of any content. There you can find the material that has not yet appeared on the public resources or do not appear there. If you are critical rate of appearance of new products, while better source than private torrent tracker you will not find. For example, gaming news first appeared on the scene closed trackers, then they are available in various file sharing and public trackers. This also applies to movies, programs, music, the source of all this - Closed torrent trackers.

3. What is the difference between an invite and an account?

Invite - a code or a link through which you can register a completely new profile on the tracker, with its own chosen username, password, email'om. Account - its profile, which previously has been registered by another user has already formed a nickname that can not be changed in most cases, the password, and email - you can change.


4. What Freeleech?


Freeleech on Bit-torrent slang - a free download. The beginning and end of freeleech usually reported in the news tracker. When friliche downloadable & nbsp; not taken into account for the calculation of the rating; surrendered traffic is counted in full. This is a great opportunity to raise your rank, use it to the maximum.


5. What is an account with a buffer ?


In other words - it is pumped account, whose rating is much higher than 1. Generally, buffer - is the difference between the  of traffic upload and download traffic. For example, in the description stated that the buffer account to 25 GB, which means that he gave traffic to 25 GB more than downloads, so you can download a data volume of 25 GB without danger for the rating. When the rating is less unity on the account can be imposed various restrictions, including a ban account. For this reason, it is so important to seed (distribute) the downloaded material and not to close the torrent client as long as possible!


6. What happens if I bought banned on the tracker?


All products are provided with a 30-day warranty from the date of purchase. During this period, our store is ready to refund 50% of the costs or to offer an alternative tracker at their own expense, If your account is disabled  (not your fault) . If you are faced with a similar problem, please contact the administrator. Before buying, please read the "user agreement"


7. Is it possible to pay via PayPal?


Payment is possible in this way, contact the administrator via the feedback form to obtain the necessary details!


8. How soon will I get paid invite \ account?


We guarantee delivery within 24 hours after purchase. If during this time you will not get paid for the goods, you can return your own money for this in oplata.info personal account, click on the button "Refund". To quickly get paid goods - Use feedback form (SMS)