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dcdnet - a closed community for melomanov. Printsip work he is - music fans are divided between a foreign (yes, basically just foreign) music: fill in the profile list of albums from their own music collection (on the principle discogs), they will be ready to fill in the server if someone asks about it. Conversely, find the album you want, choose from the list of "owners" of one who has an album in the desired bitrate for you - order, and when the album on your application form is filled in on the server - download. Dcdnet invite to open for you the diversity and magnificence of the music world. This service will be useful for:
1) those who are trying to compile a complete discography of your favorite artists - albums, singles, bootlegs and stuff in the highest possible bitrate mp3 and, as an option, in flac.
2) those who are looking for a very rare type of music "very old jazz records of Ivan Susanin" or "rare collection of French chanson" and "little-known album of some electronics engineer."

After payment, you will receive a 16-digit code that must tell me. After that, I send an invite \ data on your account details specified in the payment.