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Buy an invite - music tracker for absolutely all genres of music. From other similar trackers, waffles differ in the number and quality of the music. There are more than 300,000 hands, most of them in FLAC`e. Another feature of this tracker - the number of active users, and they are neither more nor less - 60 thousand, making the tracker one of the biggest in the world, not only in music, but in general. Waffles - different genres tracker. A variety of styles represented on the tracker, will not leave indifferent any music lover. Apart from popular genres - rock, indie, alternative, jazz, blues, house, trance, and others, are presented and "narrow" branch of the same genre: hard.rock, pop.rock, southern.rock, indie.rock, , and many others.
Unlike, on vafflyah easier to maintain a positive rating. Shaking and giving new actual distribution is always possible to have a rating of 1 or higher. There is also often frilich: as separate distribution and global. That is, it is possible to download everything, the statistics will take into account only what you were given. In addition, the tracker, there is another great thing - you can buy a personal frilich 24 hours for bonuses. Bonuses are available for download and seeding hands. According to this, with a rating if hands grow with the right hand, the problems should arise.

After payment, you receive a 16-digit code that should let me know. After that, I send an invite to your details specified in the payment.