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Exigo, on a par with of Pedro, is the very well-known, popular and at the same time, over a closed music tracker. Like the "big brother", Exigo, a tracker with only lossless music. The quality here, as you know, at the highest level. That invite to exigomusic is on a par with Pedro and HDBits, it reflects not only the elite tracker, but first and foremost, about the real merits of a resource. After collection of music, represented on the tracker, it is distinguished by its exceptional uniqueness.
Each release is an instance of a private collection of user tracker. There are no spillovers to other resources. Also, it is forbidden to pour the material and on the other tracker. For such violations should be immediately banned. Thanks to this rule, managed to keep the flavor of the tracker - it is always possible to find rare and unique disc. As will be appreciated by lovers tracker jazz, rock, hip-hop, metal, blues, classical music and other popular genres. If we talk about the quality of the music, as stated above, there is only music format FLAC. Also, a lot of high-quality vinyl hands. If the quality and uniqueness of the hands are the features by which you determine you need a tracker or not, invite on Exigo, in such cases, you exactly need.

After payment, you receive a 16-digit code that must tell me. After that, I am sending data from your account details specified in the payment.