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DigitalHive is considered one of the fastest tracker scenes. In most cases, is the primary source for a lot of content. After all, the speed of appearance of new products on the site is just off scale. In addition, the tracker is very good in terms of download speed, as users often use sidboks. Invitation to DigitalHive will be very relevant, first of all, to users who are interested in the speed of appearance of new products. In this regard, digitalhive competes with heavyweights like SCC, GFT and TorrentShack. And what is interesting is that often this competition wins the tracker, and the novelties appear most quickly on DigitalHive.
The most popular sections on the tracker are music and movies. This applies to the number of musical and film distributions, as well as the frequency of their appearance. Every day tens, sometimes hundreds of releases with music and films are poured here. Therefore, if you need access to a large number of music distribution invitations on DigitalHive is exactly what you need. If you are looking for a good tracker for online downloading of handouts, buying an invite for DigitalHive is a good option, which you will not regret.

After payment, you will get a 16-digit code that must tell me. After that, I send an invite \ data from your account details specified in the payment.