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M-Team - tracker, which literally "broke" in the list of the most desired trackers for lovers of HD content. And all for one reason - according to rumors, it was moved to many administrators and uploader with once formidable CHDBits. This is because the tracker very quickly there are novelties in the film as a bluray. Namely, the rate of occurrence and the glory If you were a user CHDBits, then to invite m-team you exactly need. It is the largest Chinese HD Tracker with an excellent choice of distribution and ultra-fast speed of the appearance of new products.
Specialty tracker - movies in HD quality. Also sources (bluray disks) to invite gives you access to high-quality 720p / 1080p ripam. Quality rips are very, very good. This, incidentally, is another reason why it is said that the uploader with CHDBits moved to the tracker. All exclusive content: bluray disks, remux, 3D movies, 720p / 1080p rips, in most cases the work of local uploader that eaten in the release of the band - MTeam, MTeamTV, MTeam3D, MTeamPAD, KiSHD, BMDru and others. The advantage of these groups is that they fill the tracker films and series fastest. The rate of appearance of hands m-team is ready to give odds to almost anyone now known tracker.

After payment, you will receive a 16-digit code that must tell me. After that, I send an invite \ data on your account details specified in the payment.