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Buy general account ( - a web service that allows you to watch many foreign TV series in Russian and English in high quality with low requirements to the Internet channel. Available resolutions SD, HD, support for subtitles, video can be viewed on the iPhone, Andoroid and iPad in real time, you can watch the series in full-screen mode. Series appear on the site on the day of release. List of serials you can see in the screenshot. New ones are constantly being added upon user requests. A common account is used by several people, but the account balance is replenished for the personal account of the account holders. It is also forbidden to change the password from the shared account!
P.S. Dear Customer! To be able to view your account balance series is necessary to replenish "Days" on the link:, tab "Operations with the balance."

After payment, you receive a 16-digit code that should let me know. After that, I send data from your account details specified in the payment.