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Buy buffered account - the largest tracker of Asia, given the content and number of users. In addition, the many movies and music. I add - quality movies and music. Many HD and DVD releases. The minimum bit rate music here 320 kbps. Many lossless hands. exactly suitable for those who want all the Asian content offers the charm. There immeasurable amount of native Asian series, especially with regard to Korean and Chinese TV show. If you need a material Asian: Asian movies, Asian serials, Asian music, is without doubt - a better tracker than not. The account with the buffer has an important advantage, since the "buffer size" will allow you to download any torrents, even the most "heavy" ones, especially without worrying about the rating. To clarify the size of the buffer - contact me.

After payment, you receive a 16-digit code that must tell me. After that, I send invite\data from your account details specified in the payment.