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ABTorrents - the largest resource for audio books in the world. On the tracker over 21,000 hands. Agree, good collection. And what's more - all free of charge and can be downloaded very quickly. In addition, the tracker appears every day a dozen new exclusive audio books. Books on tracker are cast in a convenient format - MP3. So that they can listen to any device. Besides, the sound quality at a very good level - from 32 kbps to 256 kbps.
Among the most popular genres on the tracker are: detective fiction, the book is based on historical events. But not only this rich tracker. In general, here you can find one hundred percent of any best-seller in audio format, but also rare, is not as popular books, it is also very much. For example, audio books by Stephen King authorship is more than 50 for sure. If you are a long time listening to audio books or just about to start and you want to try it supposedly is, and what it eats, then invite you to very helpful. It is so huge and really useful tracker in audiobooks, really no more.

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