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HDHome is a tracker for the Chinese in HD movies. Previously known under the name HDBiger. Like many Chinese trackers, after registration you have to pass the "Entrance Examination" within 30 days, ie, download \ give the right amount of gigabytes and dial the required number of bonus points. In addition to the hands of their release - groups: HDH, HDHPad and HDHTV, here you can also find releases from M-Team, iFT and BAKED. Many dispensing frilichnymi are either considered 50% or 30% downloaded. Due to the large number of seeders, you will not have problems with the download of the desired material. With a flexible bonus system, you will always be able to keep your ranking in the positive range. If you need a good tracker with HD material, then we invite you to buy

After payment, you will receive a 16-digit code that must tell me. After that, I send an invite \ data on your account details specified in the payment.