Numerous positive customer feedback on the site or in the forum thread - it is certainly good, but they are not a real guarantee. Much more weighty proof of the seriousness of the project is its reputation in the WebMoney system, which is defined by two parameters: the level of business and the type of certificate.


We have a personal certificate (certificate, which is one of the WM-identifier attribute, and is it a higher status in the system with respect to non-certified participants. The higher the status of the WM-Passport member, the more efficient its business network and credibility above. We accept: WEBMONEY, Yandex.Money, payments through payment terminals in Russia and Ukraine, Russian Post, WM-card,, QIWI, PayPal, Alfa-Bank, VTB 24, etc. If you have questions or suggestions for payment, then please ask us.


P.S. If you have not received an invite \ account for 10-15 minutes - do not worry. Operators are also people, and also to monitor orders and sit near the PC, they are resting, walking, learning, working. Therefore, the orders are checked at the time when the operator online. The maximum delivery time - 24 hours from the time of purchase.


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