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All you need for anime is on This is the best torrent tracker for anime movies and TV shows, as well as manga and hentai. On the tracker you can find everything that directly or indirectly relates to the anime. There are many anime films and serials in any capacity. The nice fact is that a lot of hands are in HD. Invitation to is the best that you can find if you are interested in manga and ranching. Materials of this kind have a lot of + quality scanning at the highest level. Also, all manga releases are in English.
The tracker specializes in a rare niche, but it is rightfully considered one of the flagships in this environment. For a better understanding, all the distribution of anime and hatching with English subtitles. Also, it is worth noting the excellent work of the forum, where you can always find interlocutors to discuss your favorite episode, share impressions and news of the world's anime. Invitation to is the best ticket to the world of anime art. This is the key to always fresh and new content. The key to use which many can not do, but the true virtuosi know exactly what to do with it.
The account with the buffer has an important advantage, since the "buffer size" will allow you to download any torrents, even the most "heavy" ones, especially without worrying about the rating. To clarify the size of the buffer - contact me.

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