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CGPeers - the biggest graphic torrent tracker in the world. First of all, it refers to the number of users registered on the tracker. There are about 275,000 people. What else is worth noting - a number of hands, because the tracker features more than 18,000 various software, plug-ins, templates, video lessons and other graphical goodness. The tracker daily updated collection of graphics, add-ons and updates relevant today. In addition to the quantity and quality of the material presented on CGPeers, it's easy with the rating. It's all hand frilichnye that eliminates the worries about the rating. If you are a designer or graphics for you the last thing in life, then CGPeers, definitely something that you will definitely come in handy.

After payment, you will receive a 16-digit code that must tell me. After that, I send an invite \ data on your account details specified in the payment.