By purchasing, you agree to this agreement and waive any further claims on the cases listed below. The administration has the right to refuse a full refund for the following reasons:


1) Termination resource activities that you have purchased, or the administration of the tracker due to external factors.


2) Disabling your account due to low ratings, or inactivity, it is recommended to read the section faq to all trackers where you are registered.


3) If you fall on the private life, do not be lazy and download though, would be a few hands, otherwise your account will be disabled the system due to the zero statistics.


4) It is forbidden to have more than one account on the same tracker, if you previously had an account, try to restore it through the IRC.


5) The finishing touch and the most important - it is forbidden to use Proxies and VPNs in any form, for entering the site, and the torrent client. If at least once, go to the tracker of these things or you will take the statistics from the client, then your account will disabled. Each tracker has its own policy regarding privacy and allowed methods of access to it, but registration is recommended to do without these things. Then study the faq section on the tracker.